Thank you.

Today (8/22/2019) we closed the Frank Korb 4 Alderman bank account and put the near future runs for political office to rest. Thank you to everybody who donated and help support my run for Burlington alderman. Please know that all the money we had left was donated to the Planned Parenthood National Foundation.

While I didn’t win the seat for alderman, I gained a lot of knowledge about my neighbors and our community. Just because I’m not running for office anytime soon does not mean I will not be knocking on your doors. As the election for 2020 comes up, I will be doing everything I can to help get out your vote.

We need to make sure that our voices and progressive ideas move forward in this state of Wisconsin and the results fall on the other side of the aisle in 2020. as the governor race demonstrated there is a demand start change here in Wisconsin and together we can do it in 2020. Please make sure that you get your name out there and do your part to help elect a new administration in Washington DC.

If you don’t like how things are being run – run for office to be part of the change. If you can’t run for office, make your voice heard. Call your senators, call your Congress people, call your legislators. Make sure they know how you feel – on a daily basis if you have to. Just remember – their interns are not the ones making the decisions. If you are angry about something, it’s not the interns fault. Be polite and offer your thoughts (and even solutions).

Thank you to Julie and Abby for helping me run for alderman. Thank you to Vivien DeBack for her support and counsel right off the line. Thank you to all the volunteers, donors, yard sign holders, and everyone who helped and voted. I didn’t win, but the knowledge that there are new faces, new voices out there to make positive change for the community (large or small) is reassuring as we look forward.

Thank you –


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